• Employment litigation
• Agency agreement litigation
• Social security litigation
• Consultancy to companies, even on a day by day basis, in relation to labour law issues, industrial relations, social security law and agency agreements (providing written and oral opinions). Representing companies before Local Labour Law Offices.
• Assistance to companies in case of inspections/challenges made by authorities such as INPS, INAIL, ASL and Ministry of Labour.
• Drafting of legal due diligence in relation to labour law issues, also co-operating with lawyers specialised in other areas of practice to prepare due diligence reports for clients.
• Collaboration agreements
• Self-employed agreements under article 2222 of the Italian Civil Code (i.e. consultancy frame agreement)
• Agency and business intermediary agreements.
• Surveillance systems aimed at monitoring workers
• Drafting of code of conduct policy
• Drafting guidelines relating to electronic communications, including emails
• Employment contracts for each category of employees: executives, senior managers, white collar workers, blue collar workers and others
• Fixed-term contracts, part-time contracts, training contracts, internships, apprenticeship agreements
• Contractual clauses: trail period, non-competition, confidentiality, restrictions on dismissal and resignation.
• Assistance in company level bagaining
• Interpretation and implementaiton of collective bargaining agreements
• Partecipation in negoziation with trade unions
• Assistance in negotiation and consultation proceedings
• Incentive plans
• Stock option plans
• In the event of sale of business or transfer of going concerns: issues relating to the assignment of employment contracts, assistance in negotiations with the trade unions and drafting of agreements with the trade unions.
• Assistance and consultancy in relation to outsourcing
• Assistance and consultancy in redundancy and collective dismissals proceedings: assistance and consultancy in the proceedings
• Changes to duties, working hours and nature of work

• Transfers and secondments of employees

• Disciplinary proceedings: assistance and consultancy in relation to the implementation of disciplinary

procedures and assistance in the event of appeal before arbitration tribunal established under art. 7 of Law

300/1970 or before an ordinary employment tribunal

• Health and safety, injuries, occupational diseases

• Termination of the employment contract: dismissal for just cause or justified reason, settlement

agreements, handshake agreements

• Labour law issues relating to sub-contracting agreements.